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Affordable Housing

We need more affordable housing in Saint Paul! The current city council members and the mayor consider affordable housing a priority. However, their current policies and actions may create displacement of long-term residents and encourage gentrification.

Here are several points worth considering:

  • The increase in taxes from the county and the city creates a burden for fixed income households in Ward 1. The market prices of homes are increasing rapidly from after the recession, which expands the taxes on the property
  • According to the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA), within Ward 1, the housing market is minimal making it difficult for people to move in and leave because there is no guarantee of their being housing. Many homeowners have rented their home to get additional income
  • On June 2019, there are over 7,500 families on the waiting list for Section 8 housing voucher in the twin cities. Even families with a Section 8 voucher, have trouble finding housing as many landlords do not accept them! 
  • The emergency care and housing aid for Saint Paul residents does not provide necessary assistance on a timely manner
  • There are many vocal citizens that are against high density affordable housing, and are we building them in clusters with other low-income housing


Potential Solutions:

  • Community Cooperative model for ownership of housing complexes
  • Mixed Income Housing for new developments
  • Re-evaluating city zoning laws enabling growth and renovations
  • Find who are the owners of vacant properties and other plots
  • Implement a Sustainable Equity Planning Document for each new residential project