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The following is an excerpt from my teaching philosophy statement:

The instructor should serve a dual role: the knowledgeable teacher and righteous role model. The most sought out instructors by students are the ones who are engaging, friendly, and bring practical application to the course material. An influential teacher can impact students in such a way that they too want to become a teacher. I begin the class with humor to grasp students’ attention, make them feel comfortable asking questions, and create a human connection. I relate the course material to their interests and mention my own pitfalls to highlight that perfection is not necessary to be successful.

Within my third lecture in Introductory Economics, I facilitated a Socratic open forum discussion with my students. The first discussion was about the fundamental assumptions of Economics and how it compares to other social sciences. The second discussion was about the four criteria of economic judgement:Stability, Efficiency, Equity, and Growth.


All the material below exemplifies my passionate approach to teaching. In addition, the forum discussion were entirely supplemental material and were included under my own discretion.
 1. Teaching Philosophy
 2. Teaching Responsibilities
 3. First Open Forum Memo
 4. First Open Forum Assignment
 5. Second Open Forum Memo
 6. Second Open Forum Assignment
 7. Sample Course Syllabus

In addition, I have received the Level 1 Certificate Program in Teaching and Higher Learning in UC Berkeley, which is given to individuals who put significant effort in improving their teaching. The guidelines can be seen here