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My Values

My personal motivation pushing me to serve other is to reduce suffering and create a better world. I don’t want other children and people to experience the trauma that I went through. This means advocating systems that improve interpersonal relationship skills, deal with trauma with healing, and build intimate connections with community member outside the family. Finally, the natural world is sacred and should be protected.

  • Integrity: I am a principled person and will stand up for what is right
  • Transparency: I’m for transparency. Government should be transparent so citizens can hold them accountable.
  • Morals: I’m a spiritual humanist. I respect and belief the goodness of every human being
  • Governance Style: Postpartisanship; a practical and pragmatic approach in making decisions
  • Leadership Style: Servant Leadership;
  • Researcher: I have the technical background of a social science researcher which is to seek out the truth and validate with reasoning and data
  • Inspiration to others: Every human life is priceless. Everyone can succeed and make a difference regardless of ethnicity, nationality, neurodiversity, and upbringing as long they are given access to opportunities and be in a loving environment.
  • Radical Self-Acceptance: To be honest, being different and having low self-esteem is difficult. Typically, society expects marginalized people to overcome adversity. Instead we should embrace our uniqueness and live authentically
  • Empathy: I grew up in poverty and trauma. It helps me relate with others, whom are not fortunate.